The Best Way to Trim Pomeranian Nails

Keep your Pomeranian's nails neat and tidy.
Keep your Pomeranian's nails neat and tidy. (Image: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A Pomeranian (Pom) is a small dog that requires frequent grooming. Trimming a Pom’s nails is no easy feat and must be done at least every two to three months, according to the Pet Pom website. Not trimming a Pomeranian’s nails regularly can result in ingrown nails. Ingrown nails will not only cause your Pom pain, but surgery might be required to fix the problem. Although many professionals offer nail trimming services, you can maintain them at home fairly easily.

Things You'll Need

  • Nail trimmer
  • Nail dremel
  • Styptic powder

View the Pomeranian’s nails. You will want to check for excessive growth by first viewing the nails. Gently hold the paws while pressing against the bottom. This will help you to view the complete nail. The part of the nail closest to the fur will have a vein running through it, known as the quick. You will want to avoid cutting too close to this area as it can cause profuse bleeding as well as pain. You may not be able to see this clearly if your Pom’s nails are black in color. In either instance, you will want to focus on cutting the area that hooks downward.

Grasp the Pom’s paw firmly in your hand. Cut just that bottom portion that hooks over on each nail. Cat nail trimmers may be easier to use on a Pomeranian as they are a bit easier to control for this small breed of dog.

Cut the dew claw now. A dew claw may be located just under the wrist of the pom or on the backside. The pom may have no dew claw if it was removed at birth. If there is a dew claw, be sure to trim this as well, no matter the location.

Use a pet nail dremel to smooth over rough edges from trimming. A pet nail dremel can be found easily at a pet supply store.

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