How to Put a Cube Root Into a Graphing Calculator


In a radical expression, the radicand is the number inside the radical, the index is the degree of the radical, such as "2" or "3", which would indicate a square or cube root, and the radical is the symbol. Some calculators may have a cube root key. The key looks similar to a square root key but with a "3" out in front of the radical. If your graphing calculator does not have this key, use the alternative method described below.

  • Enter the radicand (the number that you will be taking the root of) into the calculator.

  • Press the "^" key or whatever your calculator uses to raise a number to a power.

  • Type "(1/3)" using the parentheses to make sure the calculator has the correct power, and press the "Enter" or "=" key (depending on your calculator). Raising the radicand to the 1/3 power is the same as taking the cube root.

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