How to Switch From Google to MSN on My Home Page?

Your home page is the default page that opens when you launch your Internet browser. You can set your home page to any Web page that's located either on your hard drive or on the Internet, and all Internet browsers allow you to assign a default home page to display when the browser launches. Switching from Google to MSN as your home page is a straightforward task.


    • 1

      Open your Internet browser and click "Edit" from the top navigation bar.

    • 2

      Click "Preferences" from the Edit menu. The General Preferences page opens. In the top of the page in Firefox, and toward the middle of the page in Internet Explorer, there's a text box that contains the URL for the default home page.

    • 3

      Type the URL for the MSN home page (see Resources) in the text box and click "OK."

    • 4

      Close all open browser windows and reopen your browser to verify that MSN is set as your new home page.

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