How to Get Into Las Vegas Conventions for Free

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Fabulous Las Vegas is even more fabulous when you get freebies.

Las Vegas is known as the convention capital of the world. Besides being a gambling oasis and major tourist spot hosting big name shows, extravagant shopping, hotels and restaurants, Sin City welcomes conventioneers. Las Vegas houses more than 148,000 hotel rooms, not including guest rooms in the suburbs. The city boasts four large convention centers as well as major exhibit space in most area hotels, totaling over 10.5 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space citywide, notes the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. If you want to get into Las Vegas conventions for free, there are ways that work.


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      Check the Internet for free offers. One local website lists free or discount prices available to some of the largest conventions in Las Vegas. Posts in 2010 and 2011 include free passes to the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest electronics trade show in the world, as well as free admission to the Global Gaming Expo and Home Expo Las Vegas.

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      Contact the show's sponsoring organization to ask if it is offering free admission. Request a guest pass citing your interest in the topic. Offer to volunteer at the show if necessary.

      Find a list of exhibitors at the show you want to attend. Many companies exhibiting at conventions offer free admission if you visit the company's booth. You can usually find an exhibitor list on the convention's sponsoring organization's website. Since there may be hundreds or thousands of exhibitors, to narrow down your search, ask the show organizer if any companies are offering free admission.

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      Check websites like Craigslist for passes or work offers. Sometimes a convention is seeking a crowd for a specific event or it needs audience members. The biannual MAGIC Show (Men's Apparel Guild in California) holds several fashion shows during its run, and the Shoe Show advertises for shoe models to walk around the convention wearing the latest shoe creations.

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      Work the reception desk. Check temp agencies that staff the convention center. You could work the registration desk or do other clerical jobs needed at the show of your choice. Installation and dismantling of booths is done by skilled workers.

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      Blog or report on the show. Contact a news organization or online publication asking if you can cover the convention. If you're willing to write about the show, see if there is any interest in your reporting. The assigning editor should be able to get you a press pass. Reporters or bloggers can generally get into most events for free. If photography is allowed on the show floor, you could also shoot photos to go with your report.

Tips & Warnings

  • Apply for your passes far in advance of the show. Last-minute attempts are not always successful.

  • Do not attempt to sneak into conventions. Security is high due to terrorism threats after 9/11 and guards are serous about keeping out unauthorized persons.

  • Exhibitors may also demand high security at shows to keep their products under wraps until the media can publicize the new items.

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