How to Soothe Painful Knees and Aching Joints

As people get older, their bodies slowly begin to break down. Knees and joints begin to ache from years and years of pounding. When suffering from arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia or any condition that afflicts your knees and other joints, using the correct products, sometimes referred to as orthotics, helps you maintain your lifestyle and lessen the pain you are suffering.

Things You'll Need

  • Orthotics
  • Support socks
  • Compression socks
  • Bed Buddy
  1. How to Keep on Moving Despite Aches, Pains, Swelling and Stiffness

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      One of the best ways to deal with arthritis is to keep moving. Don’t remain sedentary or you are likely to become even stiffer. Losing mobility and experiencing pain and swelling in the knee are often the result of arthritis. At times your knee may feel as though it is going to come apart. You may hear sounds emanating from your knee where bone is rubbing against bone. Bursitis can also occur anywhere that you have a joint. The fluid-filled cushions called bursa become inflamed, and this makes your joint hurt. A knee joint infection will also result in pain. Finding a way to reduce or even eliminate pain, swelling and stiffness is essential; otherwise, you are not going to be able to go about your business. Staying active is essential.

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      Invest in foot orthotics, which are devices such as insoles or arch supports that change the bio-mechanics and function of the foot. Orthotics lessen knee pain because they change the distribution of force through the ankle and foot. Orthotics work as cushions and help eliminate trauma to feet, ankles and knees. Orthotics can also change the alignment of the ankle and foot, which changes the alignment of the knee.

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      Wear support socks or hose that warm your legs and knees. Joint pain gets worse when it’s cold, so you need to keep your lower extremities warm. Additionally, support hose provide support to your knees, thighs, calves and feet. You can also choose compression knee support, which is a wrap that firmly supports your knees and offers circular compression and warmth.

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      Use a Bed Buddy, which provides moist heat, hydrates your cells and skin, and provides fast relief from aches and pains. Bed Buddies are heated in the microwave or you can choose the cold version and put the device in the freezer and use it for cold therapy. Heat therapy reduces stiffness, makes your body tissues more limber and reduces spasms. Putting hot, moist packs on your knee helps loosen you up. If you hurt after you exercise, the bed buddy is an ideal pain reliever. Cold therapy via the Bed Buddy will reduce swelling and relieve pain and spasms.

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