How to Change the Color of a House in Photoshop

Decking out a home in a new shade of paint can give the property a higher resale value, but it is also a massive undertaking and large expense. In some areas with neighborhood communities, new color may not be allowed. For a quick color change with no expense, effort or permissions required, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe's graphic software program offers more shades of paint than a paint shop and the tools to slap on a new coat of color.


    • 1

      Open Adobe Photoshop. Pull down the "File" menu. Click "Open." Navigate to the photo of the house and double-click the file.

    • 2

      Pull down the "View" menu and click "Fit on Screen."

    • 3

      Click the "Lasso" tool on the "Tools" palette. Draw an outline around just the house; avoid the background or anything near the home.

    • 4

      Right-click inside the blinking lines outlining the house. Click "Layer via Copy."

    • 5

      Pull down the "Image" menu. Click "Adjustments." Click "Hue/Saturation" to open the small window.

    • 6

      Move the "Hue" slider bar to the left or right and watch how the home changes color. Click the "OK" button when the slider bar reaches the desired new color.

    • 7

      Click the "File" menu. Click "Save As." Rename the picture to preserve the original house color, and click the "Save" button.

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