How to Edit Links in an Adobe Acrobat


Acrobat is a line of Portable Document Format writing programs, including Standard, Pro Suite, from Adobe Systems. In addition to converting printable documents to PDF, the programs offer users a variety of editing options. Among these options, Acrobat has a tool that enables users to add hyperlinks to the PDF file. If necessary, the properties of these links may be changed. You can edit links in Adobe Acrobat by following a few steps.

  • Click the "Tools" menu and highlight the "Advanced Editing" option. This action will open a list of available tools. Click the "Link Tool" option. Note that all of the links in the PDF will have rectangles around them. Please note that the following steps apply to all versions of Acrobat.

  • Change the look of the link. Double-click the link to launch the "Link Properties" window. Use the "Link Type," "Highlight Style," "Line Thickness," "Line Style" and "Color" drop-down menus to change the appearance of the link.

  • Edit the function of the link. Double-click the link to launch the "Link Properties" window. Click the "Actions" tab. Click the "Select Action" drop-down menu to select another function for the link to perform. For example, you may change the link from "Open a file" to "Open a web link." Click the "Edit" button on the "Actions" section to change the web address or file name associated with the link.

  • Click the "OK" button on the "Link Properties" window to save the edits to the link.


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