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Colors influence our moods.

Choosing a color scheme for your home is a highly personal endeavor. Decorate your home first and foremost in your own favorite colors, no matter what is fashionable or popular with interior designers. Only consider the psychological effects colors have on your state of mind. Use calming colors for relaxation areas and livelier ones for rooms dedicated to communication and interaction. The easiest way to introduce color is to paint walls in a light, neutral tone and add interest with colorful accessories. Use a color wheel for guidance. Matching colors will be close together on it, complementary colors opposite.

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      Green is associated with nature.
      Green is associated with nature.

      Determine what the main use of your bedroom is going to be before deciding on a color scheme. Go for cool, calm colors if you are looking for a safe haven where you can relax and have a good night's sleep. Green is reminiscent of nature and is relaxing for the mind. Try to paint one wall in a light green to create an airy, spring-like feeling. Accessorize with bed linens in different tones and bring spider plants into the room. They generate oxygen and improve air quality. If you feel quirky, experiment with artificial lawn to carpet your bedroom.

      Choose a blue color scheme if you feel hot easily. Scientist Sarah Ernst proved in a study that blue walls make feel participants noticeably cooler than yellow ones, even though the temperature has not changed.

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      Red promotes passion.
      Red promotes passion.

      Choose colors from the warm spectrum, if you want to encourage passion in your bedroom. Go for bed linens in red or purple for a sensual feel. Red works best against a light backdrop. Too much of it and you could get overexcited, which is counterproductive to sleep. Pink in small doses adds softness and femininity. Too much can be perceived as sickly sweet, especially by men. If you like your bedroom kinky, combine red and black.

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      The best living areas are warm and welcoming.
      The best living areas are warm and welcoming.

      Go for warm, welcoming colors in the living area. A sunny yellow will lift the mood and make everyone welcome. Choose green if you live with excitable children of any age. Experiment with contrasting colors in the living area. Add interest with focal pieces in complementary or even clashing colors. Dare to be bold. Multicolored pictures and quirky finds can give a room personality and its inhabitants lots to talk about.

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      Everything tastes better in an orange kitchen.
      Everything tastes better in an orange kitchen.

      Kitchens and dining areas benefit from a good splash of orange. It is thought to enhance appetite and aid digestion, which makes it an ideal color for family dining. On the other hand, if you try to lose weight, eat in a blue room off blue plates.

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      A white bathroom never dates.
      A white bathroom never dates.

      Bathrooms look best in cool, clean colors. Light blue bathrooms mimic the color of water and have a long tradition. For this reason they are sometimes perceived as old-fashioned. Choose white tiling for a timeless look and add color with shelves, towels and bath mats.

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