How to Call Pigs

There is no definite correct or incorrect way to call pigs.
There is no definite correct or incorrect way to call pigs. (Image: Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Pigs are highly social and intelligent animals who communicate with each other through a series of squeals and grunts as well as nonverbal body signals. Humans have domesticated the pig successfully with close to two billion pigs being kept in the world now. The domestic pig is an ancestor of the wild boar, a successful mammal that inhabits most of the major land masses today. Due to their friendly, inquisitive nature, pigs are easy to train and have become popular pets.

Things You'll Need

  • Pig calling device
  • Pig feed
  • Bucket
  • Small pieces of food

Calling Wild Pigs

Position yourself within hearing distance of the wild pigs. Depending on the weather conditions, this could range between 10 to 80 meters.

Find cover from the wild pigs. Certain species can be ferocious, therefore higher shelter such as a deer lodge is ideal. There is also more chance of viewing wild pigs when hidden.

Blow into your pig calling device in a series of sharp bursts. If you are wanting to call both boars and sows, use a call which emulates a piglet in distress, a high-pitched squeal, as sows are attracted to aid the piglet and boars are attracted to quieten it. If you are wanting to call only boars, use a call which emulates either the sound of a large boar in distress, a low, lengthy squeal, as this squealing attracts other boars, or use a call which emulates the sound of a sow trying to attract other boars, a series of short grunts.

Calling Domestic Pigs

Choose a call which you can shout easily. Realistically, any call can be used as long as it can be heard in any condition. The popular call of "sooeee" is effective as it is high pitched and has rising intonation, so it can be heard over a long distance.

Provide regular feed times. Pigs can get easily stressed if their feeding routines are erratic. When feeding the pigs, shake the pig feed in the buckets and shout your chosen call multiple times.

Repeat the feeding and calling routine regularly. Within weeks the pigs will associate your call with feeding time and come when beckoned.

Calling Pet Pigs

Decide on a call to beckon your pig. This can be the pig's name or simply "come" or "here."

Prepare some small pieces of food to train the pig with. This can be anything other than pork.

With the food in your pocket, stand two meters away from the pig and say the chosen call in a clear, low tone. When the pig comes, reward it with a piece of food and congratulate it with strokes around the ears. Repeat this step until your command is followed.

Gradually increase the distance between you and the pig each time, rewarding correct behavior with food and strokes.

Consolidate the behavior your pig has learned by standing far away and turning your back on the pig. Wait a few seconds and then call your pig.

Repeat step 5 while gradually decreasing the food rewards. Eventually the pig will be conditioned to associate your call with the behavior of moving toward you without the food association.

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