How to Add Music to an MP5 Player

MP5 players are digital media players that play both audio and video files. They have a small screen that displays images, a user interface and video. Copying audio files to an MP5 player takes a few minutes. Each MP5 player comes with software to copy the music files. Each model MP5 player will have its own unique software and process for adding music to the player.

Things You'll Need

  • MP5 player software


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      Plug the MP5 player into the computer via its supplied USB cable. Most MP5 players connect to the computer via a USB cable. Plug one end of the cable into the USB port on the MP5 player and the other into the computer's USB port.

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      Open the MP5 player's supplied software. This software should have come with the MP5 player. If the software is not installed on the computer, locate the original install CD that came with the player. If a CD did not come with the player, visit the manufacturer's website and download the software from its support or downloads section. The software should be free to download. ITunes is an example of this type of software and is used to connect iPods and iPhones.

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      Locate the audio files on the computer that will be transferred.

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      Import the files into the MP5 player's software. This can either be done by dragging the files in or by using the program's import function.

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      Disconnect the player once the transfer is complete.

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