How to Get the Undead Champion in "AQW"


One of the most desirable and all-around awesome pieces of armor to wear in "Adventure Quest Worlds" is the Undead Champion armor. Unfortunately, getting it is not so easy. To obtain the armor, you have to quest, fight and win under the proper circumstances to get the opportunity to buy the very expensive armor. However difficult, it can be done with proper guidance and determination.

Things You'll Need

  • Undead Warrior armor
  • 50,000 adventure coins
  • Navigate to Shadowfall. Use the Book of Lore, or by type "/join Shadowfall" into the chat window to reach Shadowfall, which is the home of the Undead Legion and Dage the Evil, from who you will procure the armor. Ensure that you already have the Undead Warrior armor with you. If you do not, it can be purchased from at Dage's Armor Shop.

  • Talk to Dage the Evil. He will send you on the first of five quests that you need to complete to purchase the Undead Champion armor.

  • Complete the "Undead Champion Initiation" quest. Go to Greenguard Forest in the same manner that you traveled to Shadowfall (by typing "/join greenguardwest" into the chat window), find a summoned Black Knight (Level 13, 49,000 hit points) and kill him.

  • Return the Dage. Dage will give you a reward and send you on a second quest, "Mourn the Soldiers."

  • Complete the "Mourn the Soldiers" quest. Hunt down and kill the four soldiers that the legion has marked. These are the Skeletal Soldier in Battleunder, the Drow Soldier in Dwarfhold, the Fisherman Soldier in Lolosia and the Dwakel Soldier in Willow Creek.

  • Return to Dage. Dage will give you a reward and send you on the third quest, "Understanding Undead Champions."

  • Complete the "Understanding Undead Champions" quest. Go to Battleunder B, and obtain 80 Ravaged Champion Souls, which you get by killing Undead Champions (Level 27, about 18,000 hit points).

  • Return to Dage. Deliver the 80 souls to Dage to receive a reward, and begin the "Player vs. Power" quest.

  • Complete the "Player vs. Power" quest. Demonstrate your prowess at PvP (player vs. player) combat by obtaining 200 Champion Trophies. Go to either Bludrut Brawl ("/join bludrutbrawl") or Darkovia Brawl ("/join darkoviabrawl") and win matches. You will get between five and 10 trophies per match, depending on how well your team does.

  • Return to Dage. Show him the 200 Champion Trophies, get your reward and begin the "Hail to the King" quest.

  • Complete the "Hail to the King" quest. Go to Old King Coal ("/join kingcoal") and defeat the Frost King (Level 20, about 120,000 hit points). After defeating him, take the Frost King's Surrender item.

  • Return to Dage. Give Dage the Frost King's Surrender item, and click on the "Legion Shop" button in Dage's dialogue to purchase the Undead Champion Armor for 50,000 Adventure Coins. These coins can be purchased with real money or obtained through completing offers from the game's sponsors on the "Adventure Quest" website.

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