Is There Any Quick Way to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House?


Fleas can quickly move from the outdoors into your home, attacking your pets and family members. Their bite leaves behind an irritated mark that is both itchy and unattractive. To keep the fleas out of your home, first use a routine that gets rid of the fleas, then use a preventative routine to keep them from coming back. Using natural ingredients eliminates the need for chemical treatments that could be harmful to your home, pets and family.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Salt
  • Bowls
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Garlic or vinegar
  • Flea comb
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Vacuum as often as possible--daily as needed--as this will capture many of the fleas as well as eggs and larvae. Use a traditional vacuum with a bag, not a bagless vacuum. This traps the fleas inside of the bag, whereas they could possibly escape from a bagless-style vacuum. Also, vacuum upholstery and fabrics as fleas can live in these areas as well.

  • Sprinkle salt over carpeting. The salt will dehydrate the fleas. Place bowls filled with water and a squirt of dish soap around the home. The fleas will try to get off of the carpeting and end up in the bowls, where the dish soap will smother them.

  • Pour about 1 tsp. garlic or vinegar into your pet's water dish. These elements give off a bitter odor and taste that will repel fleas.

  • Check your pets. Fill a cup with water and a squirt of dish soap. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and comb your pets with a flea comb. When you see a flea, dab the cotton ball over it, then drop the flea into the cup of soapy water.

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