How to Report a Rude Assistant Manager

Rudeness  between co-workers is unprofessional and counter-productive
Rudeness between co-workers is unprofessional and counter-productive (Image: Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Reporting an assistant manager's rude behavior can be an uncomfortable prospect, as you may have concerns about jeopardizing your job. This should not be an issue if you have witnesses or can otherwise document the rude behavior. These steps will guide you through the process of gathering information, preparing and reviewing your report, and submitting it to human resources or another appropriate authority at your workplace.

Things You'll Need

  • Clear and accurate information for describing the event and circumstances causing it
  • Your employer's procedures for filing reports about co-workers
  • Forms and other documents required for submitting your report
  • Facts about what occurred, when, where, who was involved, and names of witnesses

Document the Incident

Write down the date, time and location where the incident took place. Name all individuals who witnessed or heard the incident. If you informed your supervisor or manager of the incident, include his name. Provide a complete and concise description of what happened and limit your description of the event to facts. Describe your role in the incident, and any circumstances leading to the assistant manager's rude behavior.

Contact your human resources department or other appropriate authority for determining policies and procedures for filing your report or grievance. Follow all instructions provided by human resources personnel or your supervisor. Clarify instructions and ask any questions you have about submitting your report. Calendar any filing deadlines.

Edit and revise your notes as necessary. Prepare your report using appropriate forms and format. Describe circumstances leading to the incident. Describe the incident, including precise descriptions of the inappropriate behavior. If you don't recall exact words, indicate that you are paraphrasing the assistant manager's words. When describing what happened, avoid including opinions and guessing about what or who influenced events. Name any witnesses to the rude exchange between you and the assistant manager.

Review your report for clarity, spelling and grammar. Errors can be distracting and may influence the outcome of your report. Evaluate what happened, your options for dealing with it and potential consequences of filing the report. Be comfortable and confident of your position before filing the report.

Before submitting your report of an assistant manager's rudeness, ask yourself if you're sure before hitting "send" or delivering your report to human resources. Follow through as required by management or human resources. Maintain professionalism and don't discuss the incident with anyone except your supervisor and human resources personnel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Evaluate the incident and your reasons for reporting it
  • Maintain objectivity, and avoid recounting the incident using personal opinion or judgments.
  • Be gracious if the assistant manager apologizes for being rude
  • Accept the outcome of your report and avoid complaining to coworkers if you don't agree.
  • Reporting the actions of a supervisor or manager could label you as a troublemaker.
  • Failing to report serious incidents or repeated inappropriate behavior can lead to more of the same.
  • Reacting spontaneously to rudeness can have consequences among co-workers and management.
  • Before filing a report or complaint, it's important to consider the big picture of your career, your job and your employer.
  • Failing to accept the outcome of your report could lead to more trouble at work.
  • Harboring a grudge can be physically and emotionally stressful. Forgive and forget minor incidents.

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