How to Use Tree Root Killer


Tree roots are not always cooperative in yards and landscaping. Many times they grow under walkways or driveways and damage the surface by cracking it. They also can damage pipes and power cables. To remove an offending root, you could cut it out, but that might cause more damage. Instead, try root killer to stop it from growing and eventually rot it.

Things You'll Need

  • Root killer formula
  • Shovel or hand trowel
  • Locate the offending root. Dig with a hand trowel or shovel to locate the root.

  • Cut into the root with a knife and take out a chunk of the top of the root. Be careful while working with a knife, and it's advisable to wear gloves.

  • Pour the root killer formula onto the cut. Follow label directions as to quantity. It may take weeks to months before the root dies. Dig up the rotted root or let the ground break it down. Most root killer formulas have either triclopyr or copper sulfate in them. For best results, read the label to ensure that the product you choose has one of these ingredients.

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