How to Remove SpyDoctor

"Spyware Doctor" is an anti-virus program developed by Spyware Doctor Technologies. While the program does detect viruses and other various types of malware, the program is constantly updated, even upon each reboot. What this means is you will have to spend a long period of time allowing the program to download and update the program, which in turn causes the program to use up a large amount of system resources (which ultimately slows your computer). Therefore, uninstalling the program and installing an anti-virus program that isn't as intrusive is a logical idea.


    • 1

      Click "Start" and select "Control Panel." Once selected, select "Uninstall a Program" under the "Program" category.

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      Click "Spyware Doctor" in the list of "Currently Installed Programs." When selected, right-click and select "Remove." If you are prompted to confirm your choice to uninstall the program, select "Yes" to complete the uninstallation process.

    • 3

      Restart your computer. Once the computer is restarted, select "My Computer," "Local Disk (C:)," and "Program Files." If you see the folder entitled "PC Tools Security," delete it. Once deleted, right-click on "Recycle Bin" on the desktop. Select "Empty Recycle Bin" to fully delete "Spyware Doctor."

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