How to Fix a Dark Upper Lip


Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that can be a result of genetics or sun exposure. It often forms on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and forehead. It happens when your body produces too much melanin in the specific area. To treat it you can use a variety of creams that encourage cellular regeneration. It usually takes about four to six weeks before you will see a difference.

Things You'll Need

  • Hydroquinone cream
  • Tretinoin cream
  • Azelaic acid cream
  • Chemical peel

Dark Upper Lip Treatments

Use a hydroquinone cream to lighten your dark upper lip. Hydroquinone is a chemical agent used to lighten the skin or remove dark spots. The strength of the hydroquinone depends on the percentage content. If your doctor allows it, you can use up to 4 percent hydroquinone cream. Apply the cream to the affected area only. Wash your hands immediately after applying it or your fingertips may whiten. Let the hydroquinone stay on your upper lip for at least eight hours. Apply the hydroquinone cream to the affected area every day for at least four weeks. You should see results by then. If you experience skin irritation, consult your dermatologist.

Apply tretinoin cream to fix your dark upper lip. Tretinoin is a Vitamin A derivative that helps peel off dead skin cells so that new skin can form. It is also a good treatment for blackheads and whiteheads. Apply a small amount on the dark area before you go to sleep. Rinse it off as soon as you wake up in the morning. Continue applying the tretinoin cream on your upper lip every other night. Continuous application for two weeks will reduce the discoloration of your upper lip.

Treat your discoloration with an azelaic acid cream. Azelaic acid cream is used to slow down the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the dark pigment that determines your skin color. This acid cream usually comes from rye, wheat and barley. Apply it on your dark upper lip every day. Wash it off at night and apply again daily. Continuous application will yield results in a month to six weeks. If you experience skin complications such as redness, itching or burning, stop using the azelaic acid cream immediately.

Use a chemical peel to lighten your dark upper lip. If your dark upper lip does not respond to other skin whitening agents, then a chemical peel may be the solution. Chemical peels are commonly used to treat mild burns such as sunburns. Apply the chemical peel on your upper lip until you observe that the old skin is peeling off. The strength of the chemical peel depends on its type. One of the mildest is glycolic acid. You can purchase it at most drug stores. Apply the glycolic acid at night before you go to bed for four to six weeks. You will see a noticeable reduction in the affected area.

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