How to Level Up Fast in "Pokemon White" and "Pokemon Black"


"Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White" offer numerous ways to quickly and easily level your ideal team of Pokemon and get them ready for action, with some being more effective than others. The fastest ways to level include using Rare Candy, leaving your Pokemon at the day care center or using experience-increasing items to fast-track their growth.

Rare Candy

  • Rare Candy is an item that grants your Pokemon one level when used. It can be used up to the cap of level 100, but has a number of drawbacks that make it a less-than-ideal solution. Rare Candy can't be bought and is relatively rare in the field. Rare Candy usage also leads to weaker Pokemon, as Pokemon leveled through battle gain "Effort Values," which add bonuses to stat growth.

Pokemon Day Care

  • Unova Route 3 hosts the Pokemon Day Care, where Pokemon can be dropped off and leveled while you're away. The longer you're gone, the more levels your Pokemon will gain. While convenient, day care has several drawbacks. Gaining more than a few levels requires a lengthy stay, and the more levels they gain, the more expensive it is to reclaim them. Pokemon leveled here also learn moves automatically, giving you little control over their move-sets. You'll have to take them to the Move Reminder in Mistaltron City, at a cost of one Heart Scale per move remembered. Pokemon left in day care also don't evolve, regardless of whether they meet their evolutionary requirements.

Lucky Egg and Exp. Share

  • When you equip a Pokemon with a Lucky Egg, it will gain 150-percent of its ordinary battle experience. This increase can dramatically reduce the time it takes to level, especially when you use that Pokemon frequently. The Exp. Share item shares the experience between a Pokemon equipped with it and all Pokemon who participated in the battle. This can be a useful tool for leveling up weaker Pokemon who would be knocked out by tough opponents. Effort Values are also shared by the Exp. Share item.

Power-leveling Your Pokemon

  • If you already have a team of powerful Pokemon, you can use them to level your weaker Pokemon. This method, called "power-leveling," involves placing the lower-level Pokemon at the front line with a Lucky Egg equipped, or equipping them with an Exp. Share and keeping them out of battle. Once the battle starts, the lower-level Pokemon is switched with a high-level one, which can then defeat the opponent. Depending on the difficulty of the opponent, the lower-level Pokemon can gain lots of experience and several levels at a time.

Good Locations for Power-leveling

  • Nimbasa City plays host to the Battle Subway, Big Stadium and Small Court, Battle Institute, and the battle at the Ferris Wheel nearby the Nimbasa Gym. All of these locations feature daily battles with fairly powerful opponents, which can yield a lot of experience for weaker Pokemon. You can also hit up the Battle Company and Royal Unova cruise ship in Castelia City and the Battle House in Opelucid City for more daily battles. During the summer, Undella Town also features a daily battle with Cynthia, the Sinnoh League champion. You can also challenge the Riches at their Undella Town villa daily, provided you haven't defeated the final member, Miles. The Pokemon League can also be challenged repeatedly for experience, with no limit on how many times per day you can challenge them.

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