How to Find Locke in FF6


Final Fantasy VI is a classic role-playing game with a large number of characters to obtain for your party. During a certain point in the game, you will lose most of these characters. To get these characters back, you will need to find them again. Before you are able to obtain Locke, you will need to find at least eight other characters as you will be required to venture through a cave and split your party up into two groups of four.

  • Enter the airship and head for the Phoenix Cave. This cave is located on the southern continent near the town of Tzen.

  • Enter the Phoenix Cave. You will be prompted to split your party into two groups. Four team members may be present in each group. Attempt to evenly split your party. For example, do not place all your major damage dealers in one party. Instead, place one in each party. The first group you create will be group "A". The second group will be group "B".

  • Move group A onto the panel near the closed door. This action will open the door. Switch to group B and go through the open door. Inside the room, you should see a group of spikes with a treasure chest buried behind them. Ignore the chest and instead stand on the panel in the room. Do not step on the panel near the spikes, this will be done by group A later.

  • Switch to group A. Enter the room and step on the panel near the spikes. Change to group B and head past the spikes. Turn right at the fork in the path. Move down and stand on the panel.

  • Switch back to group A and move forward. Ignore the chest as it is empty and simply continue on your path, past the lava. Keep moving forward until you find a panel. Step on it and the rocks will shift. Move across the shifted rocks. Continue on this path until you find another switch. Step on it and switch to group B.

  • Move back up the fork and head down the stairs. Open the chest to get a "Wing Edge", a weapon for Locke. Move onward through the path until you get to an area filled with lava. Press the action button to jump across the rocks to the other side of the lava. After jumping across the lava, step on a panel. Switch to group A.

  • Turn right around a corner. Step on a panel. Switch to group B.

  • Move past the newly revealed path until you reach another room filled with lava. Jump across the stones and move to the next room. You will see an area filled with water. Locate a switch above a set up stairs and press it. This will drain the water from the path. Head down the steps to the next area. Engage in battle with the dragon next to the steps. After defeating it, get the "Dragon Horn" from the chest. Head up the stairs and stand on the panel. Switch to group B.

  • Walk forward with group A and open the chest to get a "Ribbon." Head forward around the path. Group A will now be in the same room as group B. Step on the panel next to group B. This will open up the final passage that leads to Locke.

Tips & Warnings

  • Press the "Y" button to switch between groups.

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