How to Find Ethanol-Free Gas Stations


If you prefer fueling up your vehicle using ethanol-free gasoline, you may have a hard time finding this type of fuel, since ethanol-gasoline blends make up 90 percent of fuel sales. While ethanol-free gas stations may be difficult to find when you're driving around looking for gas, they are easy to locate beforehand using the right resources. There are websites that provide information about ethanol-free gas stations by state.

  • Go to a website that has a list of gas stations that reportedly sell ethanol-free gasoline, such as Pure-Gas or Buy Real Gas.

  • Look through the list of states available and use your mouse to click the state where you are interested in buying ethanol-free gas. The results will open; depending on the website you use, the results will be shown as a list or in a map format.

  • Search through the results until you find a gas station that sells ethanol-free gasoline near you. If you are planning a long trip, you may want to write down all the locations near your route that sell ethanol-free gas.

Tips & Warnings

  • Since the websites that have information about ethanol-free gas stations are compiled from user-submitted information, it is a good idea to call a gas station in advance to confirm that they sell ethanol-free gas.
  • Using ethanol-free gasoline in some vehicles can damage the engine. Refer to your owner's manual to make sure ethanol-free gas is safe for your car.

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