How Can I Create Lighting Behind Sheer Curtains in a Banquet Room?

Creating light behind sheer curtains in a banquet room can transform a rather empty hall into a romantic, warm environment. This look is perfect for weddings, anniversaries and other intimate parties, regardless of the time of day or season that the party occurs. Sheer curtains will soften any type of light and will accentuate a soft glow that will help to make a room seem more inviting and intimate.

Things You'll Need

  • Christmas lights
  • Pink bulbs
  • Lamps or spotlights
  • Labels


    • 1

      Get permission from the banquet hall to string lights behind the banquet room curtains.

    • 2

      Buy strings of mini Christmas lights during Christmas season or borrow lights from friends and family.

    • 3

      Mark each string by attaching a small label to the string that includes the name of the person you borrowed the lights from.

    • 4

      Suspend the lights from the ceiling behind the sheer curtains. Consider using small pieces of duct tape or clear packaging tape to secure the lights to the ceiling.

    • 5

      Place small floor lamps or spotlights on the ground and loosely wrap the bottom of the fabric around the lamp.

    • 6

      Place low-wattage pink bulbs in the lamps or spotlights to create a soft glow.

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