How to File 1099 Misc Forms in California

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California residents that pay a non-employee $600 or more in one year must issue the recipient a 1099 Miscellaneous form for tax purposes. Form 1099-Misc is a federal income tax form, which means California residents file it in the same manner as residents of any other state. The only difference for California residents is that the mailing address to send Form 1099-Misc to the Internal Revenue Service is different than the mailing address used by residents of other states.


  1. Obtain Form 1099-Misc and Form 1096 from the Internal Revenue Service by calling 800-829-3676 to have a form mailed to you. The IRS does not accept the downloadable Form 1099-Misc from the IRS website. Form 1096 is the summary of the information you provided on each individual 1099-Misc and must be reported with your 1099s to the IRS.

  2. Complete the 1099-Misc forms for each non-employee you paid during the tax year. On Form 1096, total the amounts paid to each non-employee from your 1099-Misc forms.

  3. Mail form 1096 and Copy A of each 1099 to the Internal Revenue Service at:

    Department of the Treasury
    Internal Revenue Service Center

    Kansas City, MO 64999

    You must file form 1096 and Copy A of all 1099-Misc forms on or before Feb. 28 each tax year.

  4. Mail Copy B, Copy 1 and Copy 2 of form 1099-Misc to the recipient of each 1099. You must mail these copies no later than Jan. 31 of each tax year.

  5. Keep Copy C of Form 1099 for your own tax records.

  6. File your 1099 electronically in California using the California Franchise Tax Board's electronic filing for information return system (see Resources). Filing electronically extends the due date of Form 1096 and Copy A of your 1099-Misc forms to April 1. Filing online only works for these two forms; you must still mail copies of 1099-Misc to each recipient.



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