How to Use a Harris Bipod

A Harris bipod is designed to provide support to a rifle while aiming at a target or game. The design of the Harris bipod allows it to fold flat for carry. The bipod is deployed into position for use as a stable platform for shooting. A range of bipod models are available to suit the needs of target shooters and hunters, as well as military and law enforcement personnel.

Things You'll Need

  • Rifle with sling stud


    • 1

      Attach the Harris bipod to the sling stud located on the forearm of the rifle. Clip the bipod to the sling stud, line the bipod straight on the forearm and tighten the knurled knob. This secures the bipod to the rifle.

    • 2

      Choose a shooting location such as a rifle bench, vehicle hood or other surface.

    • 3

      Fold the Harris bipod legs down until they lock in place.

    • 4

      Adjust the length of both support legs individually; the rifle must sit level when placed on the shooting surface.

    • 5

      Raise the stock end of the rifle so that the rifle's weight is supported by the Harris bipod. Aim the rifle at the target in preparation for firing the rifle.

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