How to Transfer a Pattern Using Piecing Paper

Creating a quilt pattern with piecing paper is a fantastic technique for creating intricate blocks for a larger quilt project. The paper piecing technique for quilts involves sewing pieces of fabric together through a piece of thin paper. This technique allows an intricate pattern to be executed cleanly. The piecing paper is ripped away from the sewn seams to remove the extra material after the fabric has been sewn. Transferring your pattern to precut, matching swatches of piecing paper will be an ideal way to create symmetrical piecing paper pattern blocks for a large quilting project.

Things You'll Need

  • Precut squares of thin piecing paper
  • Carbon paper or graphite paper
  • Pencil


    • 1

      Lay the piece of piecing paper on a hard surface. Place a layer of carbon or graphite paper on top of the piecing paper with the carbon side down.

    • 2

      Place the original piecing pattern you would like to transfer face up on top of both the piecing paper and the carbon paper, being careful not to press on these layers so as not to create smudges. All of these layers should be carefully placed so that all the edges meet up precisely.

    • 3

      Trace the design using a the pencil. Use firm pressure on all layers of material, and avoid brushing your hand on this surface as the carbon pencil will smudge easily.

    • 4

      Remove the layers over the piecing paper to reveal the copied piecing pattern below.

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