How to Design a Creative Resume

When the economy takes a knock and the job market suffers, you must make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Employers may see hundreds of resumes for every job they post or recruit for. Sometimes the right education and experience can be overlooked for want of a more eye-catching resume. If you can grab an employer's attention, you might have a better chance at advancing in the application process.


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      Examine a copy of your current resume and make sure it highlights your strengths and achievements supported by examples of how you've applied them in the workplace. Before you think about design and layout, get the content right. Provide a detailed yet concise synopsis of your education and work experience to date but avoid rambling long sentences. Stick to short bursts of information delivered in bullet-point form.

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      Brainstorm graphic and layout ideas. Focus on those that are linked to your profession or specialization. If you're a chef, consider incorporating food-themed graphics. If you're a web designer, try turning the content of your resume into a mock web page. Think about cutting your resume into the shape of something related to your job, or try origami. Consider what color paper to use; a simple layout on non-white paper can make your resume stand out.

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      Open your desktop publishing program and play around with your ideas. Consider adding a picture of yourself or your work. Balance the layout and design with the content so one doesn't drown out the other.

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      Solicit feedback on your design. If you know somebody who works in human resources or recruitment or who is an employer, ask his opinion.

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      Use the feedback to revise your resume and start applying for jobs.

Tips & Warnings

  • When designing your resume, keep the nature of your job in mind. If you're applying for a job as an attorney with a top law firm, stick to a conventional layout.
  • When asking for others' opinions, again be conscious of the nature of your work. If you work in a creative industry, there may be little point in asking the opinion of somebody who works for an accounting firm.
  • Update your resume for each job you apply for to make sure your experience is relevant and matches the specifications.
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