How to Rent Italian Movies

If you dream of living in a villa in Tuscany, swoon over Dean Martin, and love pasta and tomato sauce in all their various forms, you may enjoy watching Italian films. It doesn't really matter whether or not you speak the language -- many Italian films come with subtitles. In spite of what you may think, renting Italian films doesn't require a lot of hard work. You can rent Italian films quite easily when you know where to start.

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      Research Italian films and locate the titles of several you'd like to see. Films such as "La vita e' bella," "Pane e Tulipani" and "Le Fate Ignoranti" are typically available in the United States. Look for classics such as "La Dolce Vita," "Othello" and "La Strada" as well.

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      Check each movie to see if it has subtitles, if you don't speak Italian. You'll enjoy the movie considerably more when you know what is being said, and you can still listen to the lilting tones of Italian spoken by natives. While reading and watching at the same time may take some getting used to, after awhile you'll become so involved in the plot that you won't even realize the movie has subtitles.

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      Visit your local video store and peruse its foreign film section. It's likely the store will have at least some of the Italian classics in its lineup. If it doesn't, ask if there is a possibility the store could order them for you or borrow them from another location.

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      Choose an online video rental service like Netflix or Blockbuster. Both have videos available through the mail or for immediate streaming to your computer or television. Both companies offer a plethora of Italian films. The variety is much greater via mail, however, than it is for instant streaming. You'll likely receive the digital video discs within just a day or two, though, and have the convenience of returning them by dropping them in your mailbox in a prepaid envelope.

Tips & Warnings

  • Netflix and Blockbuster both require membership before you can rent movies via mail. Low-cost options are available with both companies, though, and you can cancel whenever you wish.
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