How to Run an Engine on Hydrogen


Some engines use hydrogen as onboard fuel for their motive power. The world is running short of fossil fuels; especially coal and petroleum. So, using an alternative vehicle fuel will help to conserve the environment and produces fewer pollutants. Besides helping the environment, you'll also save money because you'll reduce your gas consumption.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuse
  • Quarter-size vacuum hose
  • Sealed glass jar
  • Electrical wiring
  • Baking soda
  • Get more information about hydrogen vehicles. Car owners fuel their vehicles with hydroxyl or HHO because they modified their vehicle's engines. Because of the diesel and gasoline price hikes, researchers have created a solution for car owners to save gas.

    HHO technology is still undergoing improvements and studies so more vehicle types and models can benefit. Besides cars, other vehicles that can be operated by hydrogen are buses, PHB bicycles, trains, cargo bikes, canal boats, golf carts, ships, wheelchairs, motorcycles, submarines, rockets, and airplanes. NASA also utilizes hydrogen in launching Space Shuttles. This is the path where engine energy consumption is heading.

  • Get a hydrogen kit for your vehicle. Some car manufacturers supply hydrogen kits to vehicle owners. With the kit, you can transform your vehicle into a hybrid car that burns up gas and water. Another benefit is you can still use gasoline for your vehicle because there is no major change in the engine. Ask for help from your car manufacturer in building and installing the kit. You can also buy hydrogen kits from online stores.

  • Install the kit. You need a fuse, quart-size vacuum hose sealed glass jar, electrical wiring, and baking soda. You'll make a device from these components to make a water-based fuel. After constructing the device, connect it to the battery and engine. The device will use a small amount of electric energy to convert water into HHO. The HHO comes from a combination of oxygen, and two atoms of hydrogen. It will supply more power to your car. It burns cleanly so it won't harm the environment.

  • Understand how a hydrogen kit works. The kit uses H2 or hydrogen gas. An electrolysis device is the vehicle's main component. The device extracts hydrogen gas from water. The car battery power creates H2 bubbles by separating the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen fuel kit vents the hydrogen gas into an engine's air intake system. The H2 that's been released will run into an engine's combustion chambers and blend with ordinary gasoline. If an engine utilizes H2 as fuel, then there will be a greater power output so the automobile will increase its mileage and save fuel. The kit can be homemade. Most of the components and parts can be bought at local hardware stores. You just need automobile maintenance skills to execute the conversion.

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