How to Activate Internet in a Phone

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Stay connected by activating Internet on your phone.

You know that your cellphone supports the Internet, but you still cannot access your emails or browse your favorite websites. Every time you access the Web icon on your phone, it displays an error message and is unable to connect to the Internet. This is because your phone does not have the Internet settings required to connect to the Web. These settings are also called GPRS settings, and they can be installed in a number of ways.


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      Request GPRS settings from your carrier by phone. Contact the customer support department of your network carrier and ask the agent to send GPRS settings specific to your handset. Provide information about your cellphone model to the agent. Within a few seconds, you will receive GPRS settings directly on your phone. Press “Save” to install the settings on your phone.

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      Request GPRS settings from your carrier via text message. Some network carriers require users to send an SMS at a pre-specified number, which in turn delivers a message carrying GPRS settings to your phone. Press “Save” when you receive the settings to save them on your phone. For instance, Uninor, a wireless network carrier based in India, requires users to compose a new text message on their phone, type "ALL" in the body of the message and send the message to "58355." In a few seconds, users will receive GPRS settings on their phones.

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      Install GPRS settings on your phone manually. Visit the website of your network carrier and search for GPRS settings using the search box. Look for GPRS settings for your handset model and follow the instructions to input the given values in your phone. Generally, you have to navigate to the "Internet settings” folder of your phone and enter values for APN, account username and password, IP address and more. Click “Save.”

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