How to Install a Throttle Body Spacer


Increasing the space in the throttle body allows more air to be mixed in the intake system. A throttle body spacer is used to expand the throttle body space. The throttle body spacer is placed between the throttle body and the intake plenum. To prevent air leaks, gaskets are used between the intake plenum and the spacer and the spacer and throttle body. The increased distance between the throttle body and the intake plenum requires the larger bolts supplied with throttle body spacer kits. Vehicles with undersized intake plenums are most likely to see benefits from the increased space.

Things You'll Need

  • Metric socket set
  • Standard socket set
  • Torx-head socket set
  • Socket wrench
  • Painter's tape
  • Shop rag
  • Brake parts cleaner

Throttle Body Removal

  • Take off any engine shrouds preventing access to the throttle body. Engine shrouds are typically held in place with a few bolts or clamps. Set the engine shroud aside.

  • Remove any vacuum hoses and electrical connections from the air intake tube. Remove the air intake tube from both the air filter box and throttle body. Set the air intake tube aside.

  • Disconnect any engine accessories that prevent access to and removal of the throttle body. Note the placement and position of any vacuum hoses and electrical plugs prior to removing them. Mark the hoses with painter's tape for later reassembly.

  • Loosen and remove all of the bolts that secure the throttle body to the intake plenum.

  • Grasp the throttle body with both hands and pull it directly away from the intake. Remove any debris from around the intake by brushing or wiping it away with a shop rag.

  • Clean both the bottom of the throttle body and the intake surface with brake parts cleaner.

Spacer Installation

  • Position the throttle body spacer between the two gaskets and the intake plenum and throttle body. Align the gasket bolt holes with the intake and throttle body bolt holes.

  • Insert and hand-tighten the kit bolts into each of the throttle body bolt holes. Realign any gaskets. Tighten the bolts evenly by tightening the opposite sides around the throttle body.

  • Replace any engine accessories removed to access the throttle body. Replace the vacuum hoses and electrical plugs.

  • Reconnect the air intake tube to the throttle body and air filter box. Verify that the installation of the air intake tube in its new position does not cause it to rub against moving or hot parts. If necessary, remove the spacer kit and contact the kit manufacturer for instructions. Reconnect the vacuum lines and electrical plugs to the air intake tube. Replace any engine shrouds if so equipped.

  • Turn on the vehicle to test the installation.

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