How to Test Moissanite

A moissanite tester can help determine if a diamond is real.
A moissanite tester can help determine if a diamond is real. (Image: Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Moisannite is a synthetic gemstone that looks similar to a diamond, but is worth 10 to 15 percent less. When buying a diamond, test the stone for authenticity to avoid inadvertently purchasing a moissanite stone. Special moissanite testers pass an electrical current through the gemstone and measure how well it conducts electricity. Because moissanite conducts electricity at a different rate than diamonds, the tester can quickly identify the difference.

Things You'll Need

  • Gemstone cleaner
  • Jewelry vise
  • Moissanite tester

Clean the gemstone thoroughly to remove any body oil, dust or dirt that could create a conductive path and give a false reading on the test. Dry the stone thoroughly before testing. Clean the probe tip of the tester unit and the alligator clip.

Place the jewelry in a jeweler's vise with the stone upward and well exposed for testing. If testing a loose stone, place the stone in one of the holes of the test bed that comes with the tester unit.

Attach the alligator clip connected to the moissanite tester to the jewelry setting that holds the stone work in the test bed.

Turn the tester unit on. Touch the probe tip of the unit to either the jewelry setting or the test bed and listen for a warning buzzer. If the buzzer sounds, the alligator clip is securely attached.

Touch the tip of the test probe to the stone. If the gemstone is moissanite, the unit will typically indicate this by lighting an LED near a label such as "SYNTH.. Many units will also sound an audible tone as a warning. If the stone is a genuine diamond, the "Ready" LED will remain lit and no tone will sound.

Touch the probe tip to several different locations on the stone to make a thorough test. Moissanite can have dead spots where the stone is not conductive, leading to a false negative test. Testing in several different locations on the stone reduces the risk of a incorrect reading.

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