How do I Build an A-Frame Porch Awning?


Weather can cause a porch to become hot or wet. An awning can drastically reduce the heat on a porch and keep everything on it dry. A-frame awnings are attached to the house or building over the door and extend out over the porch. The name A-frame is a little misleading because the awnings actually look like half of an A, instead of the entire A.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • PVC pipe, ½- inch diameter
  • Hacksaw or PVC cutter
  • PVC cement
  • Four PVC T-connectors, ½-inch diameter
  • Four PVC three-way corner connectors, ½-inch diameter
  • Two PVC elbows, ½-inch diameter
  • Three pipe brackets, surface mount, ½-inch diameter
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Velcro, heavy-duty
  • Measure the length and width of the porch, and choose the height of the awning. The length of the porch is from the wall to the end of the porch. The bottom of the awning is mounted to the wall three inches above the door, and the edge attached to the house normally is one to two feet higher than the outside edge. The awning slants downward from the wall toward the edge of the porch.

  • Measure and cut two PVC pipes to the height of the awning, two PVC pipes to the width of the porch and two PVC pipes to the length of the porch. Cut the two pipes cut to the width of the porch into thirds.The height pipes are cut to the height you want the awning on the wall.

  • Connect three of the width pipes together with T-connectors. Repeat for the other three width pipes. All the open ports on the connectors face the same direction. You now have two pipes the width of the porch with two open T-connector ports on each pipe.

  • Apply cement into the ports of the three-way connectors, and place one on each end of the width pipes. Slide the two height pipes into one port pointing downward on the 3-way port on each end.

  • Glue the insides of the elbow connectors, and slide them on the open ends of the height pipes. The height pipes will be pressed against the wall, and the elbow connectors must be pointing outward.

  • Place the length pipes into the open ports on the elbow connectors and place the other ends into the bottom ports of the 3-way connectors for the other width pipe. You now have what looks like a shelf or ledge.

  • Measure from one open port on the T-connectors on the top width pipe to the T-connectors on the bottom width pipe, and cut four pipes to that length. Turn the T-connectors so that they are at a diagonal facing downward or upward at a 45 degree angle.

  • Take the four pipes of the length you just measured, and apply cement to the outside edge of the ends of the pipes. Slide two pipes into the open T-connector ports. Slide the other two pipes into the open ports on the three-way connectors.

  • Measure the total area of the awning, and cut the canvas to fit the awning frame. Cut the sides so that they can wrap around the frame. Hem the edges of the canvas and attach Velcro to all the edges that wrap around the frame so you can fasten it onto the frame. Place the canvas over the frame.

  • Hold the awning in place and attach pipe brackets at the top corners on the vertical pipes and in the middle of the top horizontal pipe. Use the drill and screws to mount the brackets to the wall.

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