Natural Pool Cleaning


Pools usually contain many chemicals that can have an impact on your hair and skin. Chlorine is the most prominent. To reduce discolored hair and respiratory issues often associated with the chemicals, you can use organic cleaner or several other natural cleaning methods. Technology continues to advance, introducing new ways and systems that clean water without dumping harsh chemicals into the pools. Although it may be difficult to find people to install new systems, alternative methods are becoming more accepted.

  • Clean with natural solutions, such as organic acids, that use enzymes to remove dirt and grime. These non-toxic solutions clean the water without altering its chemical properties. They reduce scum during the season and maintain the pool over the winter.

  • Use an ionic pool cleaning system. Simply place ionic cartridges in the filter. Some systems also have a special device that you place in the water. The ionization system puts silver and copper particles into the water, which converts the water molecules into ions, eliminating bacteria and stopping algae from growing.

  • Install a sonic-wave cleaning system. The sound waves target and kill contaminants such as algae. When it's placed underwater, the device emits a series of sound waves which cause the algae cells to break up.

  • Hook up a generator that uses electricity or ultraviolet light to create ozone. This method is called oxidation. UV light is the natural way to make ozone, but electricity also works. Ozone is a disinfectant that is safe but strong. It is often used in drinking water systems.

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