How to Repair a Noisy Heater Fan


A noisy furnace heater fan could be indicative of a serious problem, such as imminent failure of a fan motor. Most noisy heater fans can be quieted with a simple repair. The type of noise your noisy heater fan is making may be a clue to what is wrong and how to fix it. Heater fans may squeak, click, buzz or make a whining sound when starting up. If the sound persists after minor repairs are attempted, call a professional to fix your furnace fan.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement belt
  • Repair a squealing sound by adjusting the belt. A heater fan belt will squeal when it is misaligned or worn. Turn off the electricity to the furnace. Remove the access panel with a screwdriver. Replace the worn belt, or realign the belt properly.

  • Tighten the transformer if the furnace fan makes a humming or a buzz sound after the fan goes off. Turn off the electricity; remove the access panel, and tighten the screws that hold the transformer in place. If there is a space between the transformer and the wall, the transformer will vibrate and make noise.

  • Tighten the screws on all access panels with a screwdriver. Most rattling noises are a result of loose access panels. Tightening the screws can often reduce or eliminate this noise.

  • Call a furnace service technician if your furnace makes a ticking sound after the fan goes off or if the furnace whines during operation. In a gas furnace, a ticking noise may indicate that there is a gas leak and a whine indicates that there is an air leak. Only a professional furnace technician should attempt to repair a furnace gas leak.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change the furnace filter regularly to avoid dirt and debris buildup on the fan blades and fan motor to reduce fan noise.
  • Never attempt to repair a gas leak by welding or soldering a gas line. Gas is highly flammable and may explode. Serious injury or death may result.
  • Call a qualified professional to repair noisy furnace fans if it cannot be easily repaired. Do not attempt repairs if you are unsure about how to fix a furnace.
  • Some states and local governments require that only a certified technician perform work on furnaces. Check your local and state laws before attempting furnace repairs.

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