How to Dismantle a Honda Accord Gearshift


You might have to dismantle a Honda Accord gearshift if you are upgrading the gearshift, or if it breaks. You must ensure that the airbags are disabled prior to starting. If your Accord has a security code, make sure you have the code before starting, as you must disconnect the battery and that will wipe out any security codes.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of wrenches
  • Common screwdriver
  • Phillip's screwdriver
  • Set of sockets
  • Floor jack
  • Set of jack stands
  • Disconnect the negative battery cable, using the wrenches. Set the cable aside, ensuring that it does not touch metal. Wait at least three minutes before continuing, to ensure that the airbag is disabled.

  • Pry off the gear selector with the common screwdriver. Disconnect the electrical connector for the heated seats, if your vehicle is so equipped. Remove the screws at the front of the console, using the Phillip's screwdriver. Pry the center holder out with the screwdriver. Remove the console mounting screws under the center holder. Open the box lid at the rear of the console, pull out the mat, then remove the rear retaining screws.

  • Disconnect the electrical connectors at the rear of the console. Put the vehicle in "Reverse," then remove the locking nut from the pin on the shift lever, using the appropriate socket. Press the holder release mechanism and pull the socket holder from the shift lever bracket base.

  • Raise the vehicle, using the floor jack, then support it with the jack stands. Remove the exhaust pipe and heat shield, using the appropriate sockets. Remove the shift cable guide bracket and the grommet. Remove the bolts from the shift cable holder, then remove the shift cable cover, using the appropriate sockets. Pull the cover off the transmission.

  • Remove the spring clip, using the screwdriver. If you have a four-cylinder, remove the control pin from the control lever. If you have a six-cylinder, remove the lock bolt from the control lever. Unplug the shift interlock solenoid connector. Remove the light bulb socket from the gear indicator panel. Pry the lock tab to release the shift lock solenoid. Pull the shift lock solenoid from the shift lever assembly. Remove the four mounting bolts from the shift lever bracket base.

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