How to Hide a Mini Vault Safe


Using a safe in your home makes keeping cash at home safer. There is less chance of having the money stolen when it is locked in a safe, but small safes are easily stolen. Hiding a mini vault safe is simple. The hardest part of hiding a mini vault safe is finding the best hiding place. Putting the safe in the wall behind a picture or under the bed is obvious and easily found. The easiest way people hide safes uses camouflage.

Inside an Old Speaker

  • Measure your safe, and find a speaker that is large enough for your safe. Find a speaker that is at least 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the safe.

  • Place an old speaker on a shelf, and run the wire to the stereo or surround-sound system. Don't plug it in; however, you want it to look as if it is in use.

  • Remove the front cover of the speaker by pulling it off.

  • Remove all the speaker parts out of the speaker using a screwdriver. Once it is empty, sit the mini vault safe into the speaker, and place the speaker cover on the speaker case. The case will camouflage the safe.

Disguised as a Stack of Books

  • Find a box that fits over the safe. Sit the box on a flat surface over the safe so the open side of the box is face-down. Cut off the section of the box at the back end of the safe. This makes sliding the box on and off the safe easy.

  • Gather old, large hard-back books that are about the same height or taller than the box. Pick one book for the right side of the box. Remove the paper from inside the book.

  • Open the cover of the book, and lay it on a flat surface, so the writing on the spine is the correct direction. Draw a line down the left side of the cover 1 inch away from the spine.

  • Cut down the line with a utility knife, and remove that section of the cover. Fold the cut edge and glue it under the spine of the book. This keeps any rough edges from showing on the front of the box.

  • Glue the book cover on the right side of the box with the spine glued on the front. This covers the side, and starts covering the front of the box. When you finish, the front of the box will look like a neat row of books on the shelf.

  • Remove the paper from inside another book, and place it on a flat surface. Draw a line on the right side of the cover 1 inch away from the spine, and cut down the line with a utility knife. Remove the cut-off section.

  • Fold the cut section behind the spine, and glue it in place on the left side of the box. Glue the spine of the book on the front of the box.

  • Cut off the sides of several books, and glue the spines across the front of the box. Keep any rough edges from showing when you glue the spines in place, so it looks like a neat row of books. Let it dry thoroughly.

  • Put the safe on a shelf, and slide the book box over the safe. Put a few real books on each side of the safe, and a bookend on each side. If it looks realistic, thieves will probably overlook the safe.

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