Wallpaper Liner Installation


Wallpaper liner is a thick paper used to cover imperfections on walls. It is often used over old, marred walls, then covered with paint. Hang the paper on cement block, plaster and paneled walls to create a streamlined appearance. The process of hanging the heavy paper is similar to installing wallpaper, except you work in the opposite direction. Plan a day or weekend to tackle the project, and have an extra pair of hands available to help.

Things You'll Need

  • Sponge
  • Mild detergent
  • Scraping tool (triangle-shaped)
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Wall-covering adhesive
  • 2-inch foam brush
  • Smoothing brush
  • Wash the walls down with mild detergent and a sponge to remove grime. Scrape off loose paint or chipped plaster with a metal wall scraper. Score the surface with coarse sandpaper to make the wallpaper liner stick better. Let the walls dry.

  • Unscrew electrical outlet and light switch covers.

  • Measure each wall's length and height. Regular wallpaper is hung vertically, but wallpaper liner is hung horizontally. Write down your measurements. Trim the liner with a utility knife or scissors to meet the specifications.

  • Place the liner face-down on a large, flat surface. Open a container of pre-mixed wall-covering adhesive. Dip a 2-inch foam brush into the glue and apply a thin layer to the back of the lining. Cover all surfaces, including the edges and corners. Paste one strip at a time to make it more manageable.

  • Pick up the liner by the corners. Fold it so the wet sides touch each other. Do not create a crease in the middle. Carry it to the first wall.

  • Line up the corner of the paper with the top left corner of the room. Pull the liner tightly and smooth it out as you allow more of it to touch the wall. Flatten it with a smoothing brush to remove creases and air pockets.

  • Hang the next piece of liner right next to the first one. Do not overlap the edges; butt them up together. Continue until the rooms are complete. Trim around doors and windows with a utility knife. Wait until it is dry to paint the liner.

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