How to Learn English to Hindi


Hindi is a language that is spoken in several different countries throughout South Asia, and it is one of the official languages in India. If you want to be a world traveler, or if you are just interested in expanding your mind and discovering more about a new culture, then learning to speak Hindi might be the right decision for you. People who only speak English can have a little trouble with Hindi, but there are enough similarities between the languages that you should be able to learn it with hard work, dedication and the right resources.

  • Get an English-to-Hindi dictionary to help you with your studying. Hindi dictionaries are available online.

  • Take a class. Hindi classes are sometimes offered at local universities. Learning from an instructor can help you pick up the basics of the language.

  • Get a study partner. Talk to the people you are in class with and find someone who would like to study the language with you.

  • Start reading Hindi newspapers, magazines and websites and watch Hindi videos. Links are available through Hindi

  • Check out some Hindi learning tools available online. Links to materials such as language lessons, vocabulary, games, quizzes, drills and tutorials are available through a "Best Hindi Website" document offered by the University of Northern Iowa.

  • Use a Hindi software program, such as the one offered by Transparent Language, to help you learn Hindi.

  • Travel to a country that speaks Hindi, such as India. One of the best ways to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture. Try to only speak Hindi while on the trip.


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