How to Write an Essay About the Environment


The term "environment" simply means our surroundings. In a macro-context it is the universe; in a micro-context it could be your home environment. As a general topic, the environment is a very popular one these days as people become increasingly "green" and concerned about their carbon footprints. While the environment is an emotional issue for some people, writing an essay about it needs to present the issues in a logical, factual manner. While you may offer a personal opinion in your conclusion, stay away from "I" and stick to the data.

  • Identify and narrow your topic. The effects of global warming is too wide a topic to cover in an essay about the environment, so pick a specific area, such as the effects it will have on the penguins in the Antarctic.

  • Consider all sides of the argument. If you are writing about "pollution," you will talk about how industrial waste is harming the environment. Also mention natural pollution, such as volcanoes and oil seepage from the ocean floor.

  • Make a list of the points you want to cover. Do your research, take notes and start writing your essay armed with facts, not opinions.

  • Sketch an outline of your essay. Figure out your subheadings which, if you were writing about deforestation, would include topics such as "The History of Deforestation," "Current Environmental Impact of Deforestation in America," and "Future Considerations About Deforestation."

  • Open a Word document, set the margins to at least one inch on either side and choose a font. For an academic essay, stick with Times New Roman or Bookman. Another option is to download an essay template.

  • Start writing about the environmental issue you have chosen. Stick as closely as you can to your outline and the word count you were given for the assignment. Finish your draft and leave it for a day or so when you can come back to it with a fresh eye.

  • Stand in front of a mirror and read your draft aloud to yourself. In an environmental essay you are trying to convince others that what you are saying is important. Listen to how it sounds and if you stray from being logical, amend accordingly.

  • Ask a friend or family member with good editing skills to review your environmental essay. She may be able to spot typing or grammar mistakes you missed.


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