How to Find CNA Training Classes in Philadelphia, PA

To become a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, you must complete a state-approved program and then take the state competency examination. Before entering a program, you will want to make sure it is licensed and accredited by the state of Pennsylvania. Many certified nursing assistant programs can be completed in four to six weeks. According to NurseGroups, these programs as of 2011 cost between $400 to $800. Some CNA programs will provide materials and supplies as part of their tuition, other programs will require that you purchase these items separately.


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      Search for CNA program in Philadelphia using a website like NurseGroups, CNA Tips or DegreeDirectory. NurseGroups, for example, lists 19 different vocational schools, training programs and even high schools that offer this certification. CNA Tips offers a listing of 14 different programs. None of these sites provide contact information for any of the educational programs.

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      Find schools of interest. You can select programs that are near you or easy to access by public transportation. Also call any program of interest and verify their total costs and the total time required to complete the program. For example, one program may last four weeks and cost a total of $600, not including materials and supplies, while another may last six weeks but cost $455, which includes all necessary materials and supplies.

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      Go to the "Pennsylvania Department of Education Entity Search Results" website. Field through the results to find your program of interest. All schools or vocational programs listed here, like Clinical Pathway and New World Business School, are licensed by the state and are legally able to prepare students as certified nursing assistants.

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      Call the Pennsylvania Department of Education at 717-783-6788 to verify the school's accreditation, if it is not listed on their website. The program may be newly accredited and the department has not added it to the list yet, or the program may have never received its accreditation, in which case you will want to avoid this program.

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