How to Become a Certified Financial Coach

If you are an extroverted person who likes the idea of being self-employed while helping people to get through their life crises, a career as a certified financial coach may be for you. Though certification is not necessarily a prerequisite for this career, it is vital in giving prospective clients a sense that you can be trusted to deliver much-needed results. Once you have this certification, you need to find a way to put yourself on the market and find clients.


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      Achieve financial stability for yourself. No one can honestly or successfully become a financial coach without first applying the important lessons of financial prudence in his own life. If you are in serious debt, first focus on getting yourself out of that. This may mean employing an existing financial coach or following a published financial coaching program. You do not need to become rich to begin a career as a financial coach, but you do need to be in a financially stable position.

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      Enroll in an accredited financial coach certification program. While community colleges and universities do offer such certification programs, you can get certified through a specialized online course as well. Most such programs take less than one year to complete.

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      Start your business. As a financial coach, you will not need much when it comes to initial investment: you can run your business from home. However, make sure that your home office has the basic business necessities such as a reliable computer and Internet connection, a telephone, a fax machine and a copier.

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      Market your business. Begin your marketing by setting up a website and getting listed in the local Yellow Pages, Internet search engines and directories. Print business cards and use local organizations for networking. Invest in scalable marketing solutions such as pay-per-click Internet advertising.

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