How to Remove Air Freshener Spots

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Air fresheners are a lifesaver for those with hockey equipment, wet dogs, or strong cooking smells. They remove odor from a room and add a pleasant scent. However, purchasing these little smell emitters can be costly and many opt for refilling the fresheners themselves. Drops of scented oil, unfortunately, can spill when this process occurs, or if the freshener breaks. With a little elbow grease and a few household items, these spots can be removed from almost any surface and the stained area can look, and smell, brand new.

Things You'll Need


  1. Sprinkle on dry powder, either baking soda or cornstarch, and let it sit for at least 10 minutes to absorb as much of the oil as possible.

  2. Vacuum up all of the dry powder.

  3. Place the rubber gloves on your hands. Pour the dry cleaning solution onto a clean, dry cloth and pat it all over the stain.

  4. Rub the cloth over the stain until it is completely gone.

  5. Mix together the vinegar, warm water, and dishwashing detergent in the small bowl. Sponge it gently onto the remaining stain.

  6. Run a clean cloth under cold water and blot over the stain to remove the remaining solution.

Wood Surfaces

  1. Pour dry cleaning solution on to a clean cloth.

  2. Rub the cloth covered in solution over the spot, gently.

  3. Scrub the spot with a wire brush instead of a cloth if the stain has gone below the surface.

  4. Sand the floor and refinish the area with the original finish.

Tips & Warnings

  • With linoleum, the oil can often just be wiped off with clean rags, and will not stain.
  • When using dry cleaning solvent, always wear gloves and ensure you are in a well ventilated room.




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