How to Handle a Tire Blowout While Riding a Motorcycle


Motorcycle tires rarely blow with a bang. Follow these useful steps in the event of a tire blowout and you will decrease the risk of damage to your bike while minimizing the risk of danger to yourself and others.

  • Front tire air loss is particularly dangerous because it will make your motorcycle difficult to steer. Shift your weight as far back as possible when the front tire loses air pressure.

  • Expect the back of the motorcycle to lurch from side to side if the rear tire starts to go flat. Stay seated as you are.

  • Hold the hand grips tightly and concentrate on steering. Maintain as straight a course as possible.

  • Gradually apply the brake on the tire that is not flat (provided you're sure which one that is). Wait until the motorcycle slows way down, then edge toward the side of the road and stop.

Tips & Warnings

  • Inspect your tires before your ride. Check your tire pressure and make sure it conforms with the recommended psi.
  • Look for nails, staples or screws in the tires and avoid riding on the shoulder or near meridians, where sharp objects tend to end up.
  • Respond quickly to maintain your balance if a tire starts to go flat. Detect the sudden air loss from the way the motorcycle rides.
  • Carry a cellular phone whenever you ride, in case of emergencies - they fit nicely in a saddle bag or inside your jacket pocket.

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