How to Become a LEGO Designer


LEGO is the trademark name of a set of colorful, mainly plastic bricks, wheels, gears, joints and other parts that you can use to construct a wide variety of models and mechanical devices. LEGO has produced literally hundreds of different set over a 70-year period, and LEGO designers develop up to a dozen new models and themes every year. Competition to become a LEGO designer is fierce, because of the good pay and benefits, and because it is a dream job for almost all who apply.

  • Develop a portfolio of your design, graphic design or artwork. While most LEGO designers have at least some formal training in art and/or design (and quite a few have MFAs), a degree is not a requirement for the job.

  • Join Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL) or another LEGO design website and display your LEGO designs online. Getting to be known as a creative individual LEGO designer (along with a strong portfolio) will help in getting an invitation to a LEGO designer recruitment workshop.

  • Submit your portfolio to LEGO Group requesting an invitation to a LEGO designer recruitment workshop. When accepted, be well rested and at the top of your game for the workshop as there will be many talented LEGO designers competing for just a handful of positions.

Tips & Warnings

  • LEGO hires several types of designers in its creative and development processes. Set designers, graphic designers, parts designers, packaging designers and design directors all play a role in the development process, and LEGO hires many of the best in these fields.


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