DIY Propane Insect Foggers


There are different types of foggers used to control pesky insects, including thermal foggers and Ultra Low Volume foggers. While ULV foggers, also known as cold foggers, generate fog droplets using a high volume of air at low pressure, thermal foggers use high temperatures to produce insecticide fog. A propane insect fogger is a type of thermal fogger that is usually lightweight, portable and used outdoors to control flying insects.

  • Place your propane insect fogger on nonflammable level ground and fill the fogger up to 3/4 full with insecticide fluid. Use insecticide that is meant for thermal fogging. The insecticide can be bought at your nearest insecticide retailer store.

  • Turn on the propane fuel valve and ignite the fogger heater coil. The fogger heater coil preheats the fogging insecticide fluid to form insecticide fog. Press the "Ignite" button or turn the "Ignite" key on to initiate a spark that ignites the heater coil. You may use a lighter or match, depending on the type of fogger you are using to ignite the heater coil. Place the flame in the "Ignite" hole and slowly turn on the propane fuel valve until the heater coil ignites.

  • Allow the ignited heater coil to heat for about one to two minutes before using the fogger. You know your fogger is ready when the fogger begins to smoke.

  • Fog the insects where they live and work, such as around bushes and shrubs in your backyard. Release the fogger trigger lock and pump the trigger handle to produce a steady stream of fog. The fogger trigger lock is usually on the top front of the flogger handle and it turns the fogger on or off, helping prevent accidental dispensing of insecticide. Pump the fogger handle slowly but steadily to avoid squirting a stream of fluid, instead of fog, over the insect ridden area. Cover the entire area in a slow sweeping motion.

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