How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Curves


Losing weight and keeping your curves is not easy, but it's not impossible. When you reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, your body will burn fat from everywhere it has fat stored -- including your breasts, hips and butt. The good news is you can perform certain exercises to build muscles in them to keep them firm, according to Methods of Healing website. Muscle is firmer and stronger than fat; hence, even if you lose weight, you will still keep your womanly curves and they will even be more defined and will be less prone to sagging.

  • Create a daily calorie deficit by exercising regularly, reducing your portion sizes, and replacing white carbohydrates from your diet with whole grain carbohydrates and vegetables. You should be burning more calories than you take in each day to force your body to burn fat.

  • Weight train every other day in order to stimulate and grow the muscles in your breasts, hips and butt. According to Methods of Healing website, you should focus on building muscle strength rather than size or tone, as strength will give you firm, dense muscles that will hold your remaining butt and breast fat up and keep your figure womanly. To do so, you should lift weights heavy enough that you can only do around five repetitions.

  • Squat with a barbell across your back, with your shoulderblades together to give the barbell a firm base. Angle your feet slightly outwards and "sit" backwards until your thighs are parallel with the floor. It should be a sitting motion rather than a leaning-forward motion; your knees should not go in front of your toes. Keep your feet flat through the entire motion.

    Put a box right behind you, and don't push up until your butt touches the box. This will ensure that you go as low as you need to -- if you don't go low enough, you are putting unnecessary pressure on your knees and deferring pressure from your butt and legs. This exercise works your legs and butt, but requires your entire body to stabilize and maintain proper form.

  • Lunge with a dumbbell in each hand, holding them at waist level. Bring one leg forward and let the other leg straighten out, bringing that knee towards the ground. Your bent leg should not extend in front of your toes. Push up on both legs to complete a repetition. Again, this workout keeps your legs and butt firm.

  • Deadlift by squatting low enough in front of a barbell on the ground so that you can reach out and grab it at shoulder width. Press with your legs and squeeze your butt as you lift the bar up to waist height by straightening your legs out. Take extra care not to round your back or bend your arms. This works your butt, thighs and hips, but also uses your back and arms for stability.

  • Bench press by lying under a barbell, gripping it at shoulder width and bringing it down to the center of your chest. Try to touch your shirt, but not your chest, as you can hurt yourself by bouncing the bar off your rib cage. Push it back up to complete a repetition.

    Keep your shoulderblades pressed together through the entire movement and your legs flat on the floor to give your push an extra edge. Keep your elbows in -- they don't need to be at a 90 degree angle, but they should not be splayed out to the right and left. This exercise works your chest, which will keep your breasts firmer and perkier.

  • Lie at a bench with a dumbbell in each hand, with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Bring the dumbbells together over your chest, flexing your chest muscles as you do so. This will focus on your chest area as well as back and arms at the same time.

  • Use just a bar or a very light dumbbell (1 pound) when you start these exercises, and do not increase the weight until your form is perfect. Once it is, gradually add five pounds each session until you reach a weight where you can only do five repetitions. Perform five sets of five repetitions each every other day.

  • Cardio train on the days you don't lift weights. The ideal fat burning exercise is interval training, where you work as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then slow down for a minute or two (depending on your fitness level), then repeat for 20 minutes. However, any cardio exercise that works your whole body, elevates your heart rate and makes you sweat is good for creating a calorie deficit and burning fat.

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