How to Dehumidify a Bathroom Without an Exhaust Fan


If your bathroom does not have an exhaust fan, you can expect a heavy mist inside the bathroom when you take a shower. An exhaust fan pulls this moisture out of the air and prevents it from sitting on the walls. If you continue to use your bathroom without removing the moisture, you will likely start seeing mildew growing in various places. During the summer, you can simply open a window, but in the winter or if you do not have a window you can open, you must take other measures when you are taking a shower.

Things You'll Need

  • Portable dehumidifier
  • Place a small-capacity portable dehumidifier in your bathroom. Position the dehumidifier a safe distance away from the shower to avoid any possible electric shock. Plug the humidifier in. Because the humidifier is portable, you do not have to route a drainage hose. The dehumidifier has a basket that holds the liquid.

  • Turn on the dehumidifier directly before you turn on your shower water. There is no need to run the dehumidifier before you start the shower.

  • Allow the dehumidifier to run for a period of 20 minutes after your shower to allow the dehumidifier time to clear out the room.

  • Pull the basket out of the dehumidifier after you turn it off, drain the water into your shower drain or toilet bowel, and then reinsert the basket into the dehumidifier.


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