How to Find Celsius From Fahrenheit


Many Americans use the Fahrenheit scale on a daily basis to quantify the temperature. Most weather reports list the high and low temperatures in Fahrenheit, and many thermometers only list the temperature in Fahrenheit. However, the official international unit for temperature is degrees Celsius. Knowing how to change from Celsius from Fahrenheit can be beneficial if you need to report temperature data in a science class but you only have the data in degrees Fahrenheit.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Use the formula C = (F - 32) x 5 / 9. To begin, determine the temperature in Fahrenheit and subtract 32 degrees. For example, if the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 86 - 32 = 54.

  • Multiply the Step 1 result by 5. In this example, 54 x 5 = 270.

  • Divide the Step 2 result by 9. Completing this example, 270 / 9 = 30 degrees Celsius.


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