How to Stop Surgical Staple Itching


Surgical staples are constructed from plastic or stainless steel, and are used to close wounds after injury or surgery. The staples are generally removed 10 days to two weeks after they are put in place, and must be removed by a professional. Many patients that have surgical staples complain of itching, which is completely normal. It is possible to gently stop the itching associated with surgical staples, in order to provide the patient some much needed relief.

Things You'll Need

  • Cool soapy water
  • Clean, soft towel
  • Prescription topical creams
  • Gently wash the area of the incision with cool, soapy water. This will remove any crust found on the wound, and the cool water will provide temporary relief from the itching.

  • Pat at the wound carefully with a clean, soft towel. This will also remove any sweat or liquids on the wound that is also causing it to itch.

  • Speak to your doctor about topical creams that can be used on the surgical staples. Creams, such as Lidocaine, can be used to temporarily numb the area, and provide relief from the itching.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid scratching the area around the surgical scars. The dirt on your fingers and underneath your finger nails can lead to an infection.

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