How to Convert 14 Feet to Meters


The metric system is a method of measurement developed in France in the 1790s. It is now used in every industrialized country in the world as the dominant method of measurement, except for the United States. The metric system is now designated the preferred system of weights and measures in the United States, but its use is only on a voluntary basis, such as with 2-liter soda bottles. If you need to describe a length, such as 14 feet, in meters, you will need to convert it.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Type the number of feet that you want to convert to meters, such as 14 feet, into a calculator.

  • Press the "Multiply" key.

  • Type in 0.3048 and then press the "Equal" key to multiply 14 by 0.3048 to get 4.2672 meters.


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