How to Impress Everyone on the First Day of School


The first day of each school year can be a bit daunting. After not seeing many of your schoolmates over the summer, you are suddenly thrust back into their company. People are immediately trying to size others up to see who fits in and who does not. There are a few tactics you can employ to impress your friends and schoolmates when you walk through the door. Just remember that, above all, the only person you have to be true to is yourself.

  • Select a new outfit for the first day of school. When you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, you will exude a sense of confidence around others. People will take note and be impressed by your confidence. The night before your first day back, lay out the clothes you want to wear the next day. If you need some advice, ask friends or family members what outfit you look the best wearing. If money is tight, check thrift stores. Many second-hand clothing stores sell designer labels that are gently worn, allowing you to look great while saving money.

  • Coordinate how you are getting to school. For some people it might be riding the bus. However, if you have reached the age where you or your friends can drive, or riding the bus is no longer cool, coordinate with some of your friends to determine who will drive and the order and time everyone will be picked up.

  • Determine where your classes are ahead of time. This is especially important if you are attending a new school. Get a school or campus map from the school website, or locate it in the back of the school handbook. Use your class schedule along with the map to determine where you need to go during the day. This will help you avoid the awkwardness of missing class or being late on the first day, and people will be impressed as you effortlessly move from one class to another.

  • Buy lunch on the first day of school. For some kids, purchasing lunch versus bringing their lunch represents a status symbol. Even if you do not personally feel this way, purchase your lunch on the first day of school. This will allow you scan the lunch room and see where people are sitting. Rather than falling victim to sitting somewhere you do not want to sit, you will be able to choose where you want to sit, taking command of your lunch experience.

  • Speak confidently with others. A lot can change over the course of a summer. Even if you were shy last year, show that you have grown and come out of your shell by speaking with others. Look people in the eye, have a pleasant demeanor and ask them how their summer was or what they have been up to the past few months. People will be impressed by your outward nature.

  • Remain cool as a cucumber. No matter how you imagine the first day of school, it will probably not go completely as planned. Remain calm, cool and collected and let nothing rattle you on the day. Even if people tease, or use leftover nicknames from the previous year, remain above it all and unaffected. People will be impressed that you are not easily nettled.

  • Be yourself. You have traits that make you wonderfully, indelibly you. Project these traits and do not worry about having to impress people. After all, they are just people. Being yourself is enough.

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