How to Find Old Heavy Metal Equipment to Scrap


While the price of scrap metal goes up and down depending on demand, there is still money to made through carting heavy scrap metal to recycling centers. Recycling scrap metal has the benefit of keeping reusable materials out of the landfills while also putting some cash in your pocket. Recycling tools and other small items is easy, but finding old, heavy metal equipment to scrap adds up faster.

Recycling scrap metal keeps it from cluttering up junkyards.
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Step 1

Offer an appliance or equipment removal service. If you live in a large city where landlords need to get rid of old appliances and equipment in a hurry, offering to carry the material away in a truck provides you with more scrap metal and occasionally a removal fee.

Offer an appliance or equipment removal service
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Step 2

Ask friends and family. Many people leave broken appliances and equipment sitting in their garage and basement for a long time because they have no convenient way to remove it. Offer to cart it away for them. If they have many items, you may offer to split the profits with them.

Offer to cart away old or broken appliances from friends and family members.
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Step 3

Find out who in your neighborhood is remodeling. When people remodel, they often pull out pipes and throw away old appliances. Offer to take the refuse off of their hands.

Find out who in your neighborhood is remodeling
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Step 4

Advertise online. If you are willing to remove the items, using services like Craigslist and Freecycle will point you toward people who do not want their old metal equipment any more.

Advertise online
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Tips & Warnings

  • Check city ordinances before taking scrap metal off of the curb or out of dumpsters. Some areas have strict laws restricting what can be taken from such areas.


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